Hello there, I’m Dr Emma Gallagher.

I am a Clinical Psychologist and Psychological Consultant, located in East Geelong on the Surf Coast. 

See Me In - Person or Online.

As a Clinical Psychologist, I work with people in my clinic room to help them deal with difficult thoughts, feelings, and behaviours in order to improve their well-being and begin to thrive. I aim to help people make sustainable change. This may involve working with diagnoses of mental illness(es), and always includes mind healing.
I’m a Mind Doctor. 

You are able to contact me via phone call, text, or email to book your first appointment on 0466 870 600 or emma@egpsychologicalconsulting.com.

Or connect with me from anywhere online via Telehealth.

I see people with or without a GP referral and Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP); however, you will require a GP referral and MHTP in order to access Medicare rebates.

As a Psychological Consultant, I provide technical and expert advice about psychological theories, practice, and the implementation of psychological tools that improve outcomes for individuals, groups, and organisations. I’m the Ultimate Advisor. 

As a Psychological Consultant for individuals, I’m the Ultimate Life Coach. If you are under performing @Work, @Play, @Relationships, @LifeBalance, or are stuck in unhelpful patterns that impact your family, friends, intimate partners, or children, I can help you. 

I am also a Mindfulness Consultant and Practitioner.

I am also a speaker and author.

I am a change maker.

I like to think I am open, honest, warm, kind, thoughtful, and scientific.

I like to lead by example.

Most importantly, I am invested in getting to know you and how I can help you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0466 870 600 or emma@egpsychologicalconsulting.com

Dr Emma Gallagher
Psychological Consultant East Geelong
Psychologist Geelong